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We’re committed to keeping people safe and making a positive impact.

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Our technologies connect people all around the world, creating opportunities and giving a voice to billions. We’re taking action to keep our platforms safe and inclusive for everyone.


Responsible Business

Read about our approach to responsible business and download the 2023 report.

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Safety & Expression

We remove violating content and reduce misinformation to help you connect and share safely.

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  • Over 40,000 people work on safety and security at Meta
  • We detect and disable billions of fake accounts and report this publicly on the Transparency Center
Group of people putting hands together with a sign that reads, Post removed for hate speech or symbols.

Data & Privacy

We’re empowering you to make choices about the way your data is used, creating more personalized experiences and stronger privacy protections.

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  • Tens of millions of people use our Privacy Checkup tool each month
  • Privacy Center makes our privacy tools easier to find
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Preparing for Elections

We're committed to securing our platforms, providing transparency and empowering people to vote.

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  • We’re fighting foreign interference and domestic influence operations.
  • We’re providing reliable election information through the Voting Information Center and Voting Alerts.
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We’ve helped more than 2 billion people find credible information about the pandemic, providing tools and resources to help communities stay safe and connected.

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  • We’ve provided COVID-19 data and tools to 450+ organizations
  • 15 million false claims about the crisis have been removed since December, 2020
Couple sitting outside with sunglasses and a sign that reads, Visit the COVID-1 Information Center.

Building the metaverse responsibly

We’re supporting creators and developers all over the world to help bring the metaverse to life, and establishing policies and principles to guide our approach to innovation.

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Meta Immersive Learning

We’re investing $150 million in AR/VR training and resources to help students, creators and developers learn new skills, access technologies and unlock opportunities in the metaverse.

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Responsible Innovation

The experiences we build are centered around transparency, control, inclusivity and empowerment — principles that guide our approach to helping people connect and do things together.