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Almost 300 islanders interested in Ukraine scheme

Aerial view of St Peter Port, Guernsey

At a glance

  • Nearly 300 islanders registered an interest in hosting Ukranian nationals in their home

  • Some potential sponsors are now undergoing safeguarding checks

  • Others have been asked for more information on the type of accommodation they have available

  • Published

Almost 300 islanders have registered an interest in sponsoring Ukranian nationals in Guernsey.

Potential sponsors who indicated they had self-contained accommodation have been contacted first as part of the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme, the States has confirmed.

Those who responded saying they were still interested are now going through safeguarding checks.

The States said a further 212 potential sponsors had been asked for more information about the type of they had accommodation available.

Deputy Rob Prow, president of the committee for home affairs, said: "We had almost 300 people register an interest in being a sponsor and we have now approached all those who could still provide a viable option based on what we know from their initial registration."

Deputy Prow added: "For hopefully obvious reasons, ensuring appropriate checks are carried out is essential to show we have taken proportionate steps from a safeguarding perspective."

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