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Little Sark power could be cut off

By John Fernandez
BBC Guernsey political reporter

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Little Sark is home to about 50 people and is attached to the main body of the island by La Coupée

The managing director of Sark Electricity has threatened to turn off the power to Little Sark.

Alan Witney-Price said Chief Pleas had prevented him from replacing the aging cable that carries power to Little Sark.

Chief Pleas has been contacted for a response.

An independent report published in July described the firm's electricity network as consisting of "largely time expired assets".

The report specifically referenced the cable to La Coupée describing it as "exposed" and "in very poor condition".

Mr Witney-Price acknowledged the cable was in a "poor state" and needed replacing, but said he could not do anything unless he had permission from Chief Pleas.

He said: "We want to bury the cable under the ground rather than surface mount it. It has to be replaced. It has to be done."

"I need a response from Chief Pleas. Chief Pleas owns the Coupée and is responsible for the Coupée. Withholding permission is nonsensical."

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