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New proposals in Guernsey could see waste removal charges

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There are new proposals by the States Trading Supervisory Board

Guernsey residents could be charged to throw away recycling under new plans.

There are proposals for either a combination of charges on recycling or the entire cost to be paid for by general revenue.

Glass and food waste collections would continue to be free at the point of collection.

The amount of waste disposed of currently is less than projected, meaning Guernsey Waste is making a loss.

States Trading Supervisory Board (STSB) President Deputy Peter Roffey said because the current waste strategy had been "so successful" it was unlikely to ever be self-funding.

Analysis from John Fernandez, political reporter

Guernsey's Waste Strategy is a rare thing.

A Government policy which has been so successful, it's outperforming expectations.

The original plan to pay for the strategy was that the 'user pays' principle would be key and black bag waste fees would fund the working of Guernsey Waste - while also encouraging people to reduce their waste by not making it in the first place, or recycling it.

Now, because the Guernsey public has been so good at recycling - latest figures show the island has "one of the highest" recycling rates in the world at 73% - they're set for a bit of a surprise.

The thing the States has said, alongside reducing waste, was the best way to save the planet - will now cost you money.

A tough sell at any time. During a cost of living crisis, possibly an impossible task.

Currently, the island's waste strategy is paid for using a combination of "pay as you throw" stickers and an annual standing charge.

To throw away black bag waste, residents need stickers which can be bought from local shops.

From 1 July these will cost £2.92 for the large bags and £1.62 for half bags.

A review of the current charging mechanism has concluded the strategy will never be able to be "fully paid for through direct waste charges."

The STSB is also proposing the Policy and Resources Committee writes off the deficit Guernsey Waste has accumulated since 2019, which is forecast to be £2.97 million by the end of 2022.

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