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What can the BBC do with the content that I post?

Page updated: 31 March 2022

We may:

Use, host or store it in BBC services and content

Such as when you upload to Weather Watchers or the CBeebies website.

Copy, change or translate it, or make things inspired by it

We will only edit your news related content where necessary.
Read about how we use your news related comments and creations here.

Use it with our tools for making creations or remixing content

Some of our services feature tools for playing around with our content, writing your own code, and making things like games and visualisations. These might:

  • Put your creations on display to inspire other people.
  • Invite others to use your creation to make their own creation

Share it to do research

We do research activities and sometimes collaborate with research partners. Every now and then we share our content and data with them. But we're careful about what we share and what our research partners can do with it.

Moderate it

Which means we can review, edit, remove or decide not to display it. And, if it breaks any laws, we can refer it to the police and other authorities.

And we can use your creations:

  • Anywhere in the world
  • In any medium (for example TV, the internet, radio, social media and apps)
  • For as long as we want – even if you stop using our services.

And anyone we work with can do those things too. For example, if you send an image to BBC News, we could share a news item featuring that image with a foreign broadcaster, who’d then be able to do all the things above. And they could also charge their users to see it.

Some other things we will and won’t do:

  • We may let other people use your creation. And sometimes we might let them edit it or make things inspired by it.
  • We won’t pay you for it.
  • We hope to use it. But we can’t guarantee it.
  • We usually show your name alongside whatever you post. But we can’t guarantee it.
  • We might contact you to check you’ve got permission to use any music, images, clips or text in whatever you post.

There might be other terms

Sometimes uploading a creation to our services means using a tool provided by someone other than the BBC. For example you can use WhatsApp to share your stories and eyewitness accounts with BBC News.

Sometimes the provider’s terms and conditions apply to using their tool. Do read their terms (which you can search for online) as they tell you what the provider can do with your creation when you use their tool.

A note about your “Moral Rights”

When you upload something, you give up your moral rights to it. That means we can use it without identifying you as the creator

We can also edit or change it without your permission. And you won’t have the right to say we’ve treated it in a “derogatory” way.

There more about your moral rights here. And here’s some general info on moral rights.

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