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New Bishop of Salisbury Rt Revd Stephen Lake is inaugurated

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Rt Revd Stephen LakeImage source, Bournemouth News
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The Very Reverend Stephen Lake is the 79th Bishop of Salisbury

The new Bishop of Salisbury marked the beginning of his role with a walk across the city before he was enthroned and inaugurated.

The Rt Revd Stephen Lake is the 79th Bishop of Salisbury.

He made his way into the city on foot from Old Sarum to The Close as part of the inauguration ceremony.

People from across the Diocese came together at Salisbury Cathedral for the service at 15:00 BST in celebration of the event.

The service was the last stage of Bishop Stephen's arrival into the Diocese, which began on 13 January with the announcement of his appointment and was followed by his consecration as a Bishop at Southwark Cathedral on 25 April.

Bishop Stephen said: "This is a real restart moment for us all.

"It has been seven months since I knew I was coming to be Bishop of Salisbury, so this does feel like the beginning and a wonderful opportunity for the Diocese to come together in the cathedral as one body for the first time in over two and half years."

Image source, Bournemouth News
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Bishop Stephen was accompanied by Scouts on his walk, reflecting the fact his own faith journey began when he was a Scout

Before the service, Bishop Stephen arrived at Mitre House, having walked from Old Sarum, the site of the original cathedral, and Bishopsdown.

Two choristers, representing the 42,000 children in diocesan schools, met Bishop Stephen on Choristers Green and led him to the cathedral doors.

During the service, Bishop Stephen was installed in his seat of teaching - the Cathedra - signally the start of his ministry.

He was anointed by the Bishop of Sherborne and Bishop of Ramsbury, dressed in a cope and handed his crosier and mitre, symbols of his office.

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The service was held at Salisbury Cathedral

Bishop Karen Gorham, Bishop of Sherborne and former Acting Bishop of Salisbury, said: "The service promises to be a fantastic celebration of our life together in anticipation of what is to come."

Bishop Stephen will also be the Bishop of the Channel Islands. This is because in 2020, the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey became linked to the Diocese of Salisbury.

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