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People left dangling upside down on amusement park ride

Footage recorded by an eyewitness shows the moment people got stuck on a ride in Portland, Oregon.

1 day ago

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The Prince and Princess of Wales with their children

Watch: Kate attends Trooping the Colour - in 60 seconds

1 day ago
Emperor Penguins: Egg-cellent fathers

What makes the emperor penguin an egg-cellent father

2 Jun 2024
World of wonder
Cow on street in Surrey

Cow hit by UK police car gets to its feet

18 hrs ago
Whoopu Goldberg shakes hands with Pope Francis

Pope jokes around as he hosts famous comedians

2 days ago
Woman with green top sitting in a veterinary surgery looking at the camera

Vet's top money saving tips for pet owners

1 day ago
Electronic skin could give robots a sense of touch

Electronic skin could give robots a sense of touch

2 days ago
Healthdecoded Tapping Therapy

How 'tapping therapy' can help calm your mind

3 days ago
Science & Health
Split thumbnail: Alexandra Palace in north London (Left) and BBC Camera operator using the EMI electronic camera in 1936 (Right)

Inside the derelict rooms where British TV was born

2 days ago
Father of Parkland victim and school demolition

Demolition begins at Florida school shooting site

2 days ago
US & Canada
A black and white photo of a baby on all fours

Ghana's first photojournalist turns 95

2 days ago
Man standing in a Glasgow park

'US independence day?' - Voters asked about 4 July plans

2 days ago
Glasgow & West Scotland
Scotland fan waves flag in fan zone in Munich

Scotland fans: 'We’ve always got hope'

2 days ago

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